Do You Know How Does Your Bong Work?

Let us try to learn, how exactly a bong will work in step by step manner. 

You can visit any nearby head shop to buy a suitable  gravity bong  for you.

  • Pack the bowl

You can pack dry herbs into your bong and use any pipe screen for packing it. Make sure that you do not pack it loosely, and then it may burn unevenly. If too tight, then it may restrict airflow and lighting it may be difficult. 

  • Fill the bong

You may pour water of normal room temperature into the bong. Any hot/cold water may cause rapid temperature changes that can fractures or weaken the bong.

It can be done through mouthpiece or down-stem. Put enough water to cover down-stem or perc, but avoid filling your tube. 

  • Attach the bowl

Attach your bowl gently to down-stem, while down-stem is in your bong joint. Ensure it is on the snugly, and no water is present in your herbs or bowl before smoking. 

Make sure that you wait until your bong will be on flat surface, because water can easily splash up and can get on the herbs and totally ruin all your smoking experience too.

  • Light it up

After the bowl is fully packed, attached, and also your base is completely full of water, then you can smoke. It is recommended to use a small lighter for lighting the corners and outside diameter of bowl first. 

Such technique is called “cornering the bowl” by the Stoners, and it can help to make the herbs last longer as compared to just torching the center of entire pack. 

  • Inhale

You can light the bowl during that time, as you like to place mouth on your mouthpiece and start inhaling. Make sure that there is tight vacuum between the mouth and your bong, and also between bowl and joint. 

In this way it will provide best suction as well as smoking experience too. 

  • Fill the chamber 

If you are a beginner, then fill the bong and smoke first, by taking quick breather by covering your mouthpiece, then go for taking your hit. 

You may otherwise think just how huge hit that you may be taking, and will cough into bong and blowing all the herbs from the pack, together with bong water which may smell terrible. 

  • Pull the bowl

If you are ready then take your hit and pull bowl from slide, and start inhaling. 

Few may pull entire slide, but you must avoid this, as it may not be necessary, and may break down-stem and the slide, may damage bong, and also get surrounding or the herbs wet. 

  • Take a hit

After pulling the bowl, now take first hit. Try to suck hard, but carefully as you never realize how much smoke your bong holds. If you need to separate it within few rips, then there should be no shame for that.

  • Pass it to cough

Once you have already hit your bong then you must pass it to others and you may cough.